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Frequently Asked Questions

What time are you open till?

Our warehouse is open 9.00 AM until 5.30 PM Monday to Friday. If we are closed, feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as we’re back in!

Can I Collect from your warehouse?

Yes, of course you can! If you place your order today, you will be able to collect it the very next day. If you need it sooner, please call us on 01908 261280 and we’ll see if we can have it ready faster! Don’t forget – we’re not here at the weekend!

Can someone else collect my order?

Yes, as long as they have the correct order information, this will not be a problem.

If I place an order today, can I have it delivered tomorrow?

Yes, of course, as long as the order is placed before our 2pm cut off time and the next day delivery is selected at the checkout.

Its just after your 2pm cut off time for next day delivery is it possible to still have delivery for tomorrow?

Yes! Please place your order on line and selected next day delivery and call us straight away with the order number and we will make sure it’s dispatched today for delivery to you tomorrow!

What time will my order be delivered if I select next day delivery?

We cannot guarantee a specific time – ‘Next day’ delivery is between 9.00AM and 6.00PM – We do have a pre-12PM delivery option available on our website if you need it earlier.

Do you deliver Saturdays?

Yes! Orders need to be placed before 2.00PM on a Friday and the Saturday delivery option must be selected at the checkout. Delivery times 09.00am – 16.00am (Please do not select ‘next working day’ as this will not be delivered until the following Monday!)

Can my order be left somewhere safe if I am not home?

Yes, when entering your address details, there is a section where you may enter any special delivery instructions. Please keep this as short as possible so it fits on the address label!

How long does helium take to deliver?

We have plenty of stock available so this is available for next day delivery if required!

Can you store Helium?

Yes, as long as the canister is correctly sealed, nothing can escape. They can be stored for up to a year!

My helium canister appears to be empty.

If you turn the ‘key’ that is located at the top of the cylinder all the way around anti-clockwise and then push the rubber nozzle down hard towards the floor, you should then hear the gas escaping.

With the helium and balloon kits, can I choose a selection of colours to fit my theme?

Unfortunately not. We have assorted colours available or set colours per kit but you cannot mix and match.

How big are the Helium canisters?

The Large canister is 30cm wide, 46cm tall and weighs 4.5kg the small is 24.5cm wide, 43cm tall and weighs 3.2kg

How quickly will I receive my Personalized banner?

Personalized Banners are dispatched with regular orders, and are subject to our standard delivery times. If you wish to order a banner for next-day delivery, please choose the next-day delivery option and make sure your order is placed before 2.00pm.

Can I return my personalized item?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns for any personalised items.

What are your personalized ribbons made from?

Our ribbon is made from 100% double-sided satin.

Is the text repeated along the ribbon?

Yes. We will repeat the message along the whole length of the ribbon leaving a gap of approximately 55mm between each print. How many times it is printed depends on the size of the text chosen and the message. I.e. the longer the message the less repeats.

Is there a minimum amount of ribbon I have to order?

The minimum order for our personalized ribbon is 1 metre.

What is the minimum order for Prestige carpet runner?

The minimum order for our prestige heavy duty carpet is 2 metres.

How do you link the linking balloons?

They are a slightly different shape to a traditional balloon, so you can tie each end to the other. Sort of like our modelling balloons!

What are the Personalized party bags made from?

They are made from 100% cotton. These bags are reusable and can also be machine washed on a low setting.

What sizes of Personalized banners do Partyrama supply and what are the prices?

We offer 3 sizes of banner. Our small is 4ft x 2ft and costs £14.99 including VAT. The medium is 6ft x 2.25ft and costs £24.99 including VAT. Lastly our large banner is 10ft x 4ft and comes in at £34.99 including VAT. Currently we offer the best personalized banner prices in the UK. If you find the product cheaper please contact sales@partyrama.co.uk so we can try and beat that!

What material are the Personalized banners?

We use a high quality, waterproof and tear resistant, 440gsm front-lit vinyl, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

How do I hang the Personalized banner?

The banner comes supplied with brass eyelets. Our medium (6ft x 2.5ft) sized banner has 4 eyelets (1 on each corner) and our large (10ft x 4ft) banner has 6 eyelets (1 on each corner and 1 on each vertical edge). You can hang them with rope, cord, strong string, etc.

What is the print quality for the Personalized banners like?

The print quality is the best available right now. We have recently invested in the highest quality machine available, to guarantee the quality of the banners produced.

Can I email you an image to add to the banner?

We have a fully automated system that allows you to upload your image as you are personalizing your banner. If you have any problems uploading your image, you can email it to us at printing@partyrama.co.uk with your order number and name, however you must select “With Photo” when ordering the banner, or it will be printed without.

Will my image fit the space in the banner?

Our software automatically resizes your image to fit the available space without jeopardizing quality.

Can I see a proof of my banner before I purchase the banner?

Yes. All banners are shown exactly as they will be printed online, when you are designing the banner.

I've made a mistake on my banner! What now?

Please call us ASAP. Our banners are made via an automated service – The second you place your order they are set up for production. If you call us and tell before it goes into production we will cancel it if possible, but if the production process has started we are unable to offer a refund. We use an AUTOMATED system, and must inform you that we do not proof read banners for spelling mistakes/typos.

I've changed my mind, can I return my banner?

We cannot accept returns of banners. They are put through a stringent quality control procedure. If the banner you have received has been damaged in transit, please inform us within 48 hours of purchase and we will organize a replacement.

Can I change the font of the banner message?

We have a number of fonts available for the banner text. Please select the option you want when placing your order.

Do your banners have a border?

Our banners come with a low key edging of approx 0.4cm. We place the eyelets over this space so they do not interfere with the design.

I intend to reuse my banner and need to clean it, what do you recommend?

All of our personalised banners are waterproof. We suggest using warm water and a cloth. This should be sufficient to remove most dust and grime. Using strong cleaning solutions like Mr Muscle, bleach etc can damage the banner, as can using abrasive cleaning materials such as scourers etc

My party has finished and was a great success, how should I store my banner for future use?

Store it in a cool, dry safe place. Please ensure it is free of the elements, including frost etc. The banner should last for many years to come

Do you offer a banner design service?

Currently we only have the banners that are available for sale on our website, but we are able to print custom designs or even design banners from existing customer artwork, or from scratch. Please email us or call us to discuss the available options.

Do you send the balloons inflated?

Only the printed photo balloon, all others are sent deflated so would require helium or air inflation. We do operate another website called BalloonDevil.co.uk where you can get Balloon bouquets and they are sent inflated, to arrive as a gift!

Help! I have just placed my order and can see something is wrong!

Not to worry, If you contact us as soon as the order is placed we can still catch it and make any changes!

My order has just been delivered but not everything is in the box. I have ordered Helium and other small items.

These small items will be in the box with the helium! The packers sometimes put small items in the box alongside the helium cannister to avoid them slipping out of the main packaging in transit.

Can I make a cut-out, but not of a person?

Of Course! If you supply us with the artwork and measurements we can discuss this with our printers and see if it is possible.

How do I 'Hang' the scene setter room roll on my wall?

It is a lightweight plastic sheet so it can be attached to the wall with your choice of adhesives such as sticky tac or tape.

I have other questions, who should I contact?

For any other enquiries, please email sales@tuttoperunparty.it or call us Monday – Friday 9.00AM – 5.30PM on 01908 261280.