Lizard Sweets - 12oz

Lizards Sweets 12oz tub
Sold in a clear plastic 12oz tub
Filled with Lizards Sweets approx qty:20
Great for party bags + kids parties
Ingredients : Glucose Syrup ,Beef gelatine ,Pork Gelatine,Humectant,Modified Potato Starch Acids Citric Lactic Gelling Agent Pectins Natural Flavouring,Fruit&Vegetable Concentrates Safflower Lemon Carrot Hubiscus Paprika Radish Umpkin Apple Tomato Blakcurrant
Vegetable Oils Coconut oil Palm Kernel oil , Glazing Agents Carnauba wax BeesWax, Colours Curcumin Cochineal Copper Complexes of Chlorophylls and Chlorrophyllins carotenes