Over The Hill Photo Balloon 54cm Foil Palloncino


Buon Compleanno Photo Palloncino 21 Inch Foil Palloncini

Package Contains:
1 - 21 Inches (54 cms) Foil Palloncini
1 - 4x6 Inches (10 x 15cms) Photo Quality Lebel,
2 - 4x6 Inches (10 x 15cms) Practicand Sheets,
Removabland Alphabet Adesivi

Easily create your very own personalised photo Palloncino using your inkjet printer.

Easy to follow instructions.

Create your very own personalised Photo Palloncino

Its Easy and Fun!

Use Your Ink Jet Printer to print photo and stick it on the Palloncino.

Just 5 Easy Steps

A Design per Every Occassion like Compleanno, Graduazione, Matrimonio Anniversaries and Many More.